Hot and Cold: Week of 4/9


Want to know what I think about the “Queen of Katwe” trailer, Becky with the good hair, Justin Bieber and more? Of course you do! My opinions are just like Kevin Hart movies — the world doesn’t necessarily need them, but they’re at least mildly entertaining. Or so I hope. 




1. #StarringJohnCho

So y’all know that the lack of Asian-American representation is a big issue for me (and should be, for everyone), so of course I was ecstatic to hear about William Yu’s campaign to raise awareness about the lack of diversity in film today. Yu noticed that so many films and their posters often only showed white people, so instead he decided to replace actor John Cho, of “Harold and Kumar” and “Stark Trek” fame on posters for films like “The Martian” and “Avengers: Age of Ultron.”

He says that he wanted to show people evidence that “having an Asian-American star in a leader role wasn’t quite so crazy or outrageous,” and I think he did a damn good job of that. Cho is relatively well-known, attractive, a good actor — why wouldn’t it be fitting for him to play a leading role? I’m tired of seeing Asians not represented, or only shown as stereotypical characters, so this whole campaign gets a two thumbs-up from me.

It’s got me thinking though, what other famous films could we see with Cho substituted in? “Charlie and the CHOcolate Factory”? “CHOcolat”? “The Truman CHO”? The possibilities are endless.


2. “Queen of Katwe” trailer

The trailer for the upcoming Disney film, “Queen of Katwe,” came out on Tuesday, and I started crying 30 seconds into it. Going by that sign, I think my tear ducts will be permanently emptied by the end of the actual film. It’s awesome to see a story about black people that isn’t about slavery or child soldiers (not that there aren’t great films about those subjects), and is about black kids seeing the power in themselves and taking initiative to make their goals happen, without the help of the Nice White People that we so often see. Also, Lupita Nyong’o and David Oyelowo are in it, so it should be a great time.


3. Rachel Roy and Rachael Ray have each other’s backs

I can’t believe this is an actual thing that exists in the world. This entire situation is so messy, I have to break it down step-by-step to convey how hilarious the whole ordeal is.

Phase 1. Beyoncé implies Jay cheated on her with “Becky with the good hair” in one of her songs from “Lemonade.”

Phase 2. Rumors spread that Rachel Roy is Becky. 

Phase 3. Some people mistake Rachael Ray for Roy, because obviously they are the same person.

Phase 4. People start attacking Ray on her Instagram.

Phase 5. Rachel Roy sends Rachael Ray flowers and Ray gifts Roy with “a big bottle of wine and a straw.” 

Phase 5. Rachel Yang is confused as hell. But good for them, girls lookin’ out for girls. 



1. Justin bieber’s new face tattoo

When I first saw the Instagram picture of him with the new tattoo he got this week, I spent about 3 minutes trying to locate exactly where it was since it’s so small it might as well be a smudge. Look Justin, if you’re trying to convey that you’re a badass who doesn’t give a fuck, instead of a Canadian pop sensation who got famous from YouTube, make the tattoo at least bigger than an atom. Go big or go home, Justin. When Gucci Mane’s ice-cream tattoo is more intimidating, there’s a problem.



Not to pull a Perez Hilton or anything, but come on Justin, really?

2. Azealia Banks’ Twitter tirade 

Where to begin? Azealia Banks’ Rant of Terror on Twitter was almost impressive in the breadth it covered — in just one day, she managed to sling derogatory statements about Zayn Malik, Skai Jackson, the Desi community, the LGBT community and women in general. Her account was (rightfully) suspended and she was pulled from the Born & Bred music festival, but these actions have spurred even more conversation about the fact that while her account was suspended, others who are spewing hate on Twitter have gone unpunished. That’s definitely a dialogue that should be happening, but for now, I’m glad to be free of Azealia Banks-related news.


Catch you later!