BREAKING: Is this Chance the Rapper’s album cover for ‘Chance 3’?



On April 30, Chance the Rapper tweeted a picture of what seemed like an album cover, as well as a link to his site where fans could buy the poster version of the picture.

The cover features an illustration of Chance, wearing a baseball cap, in front of a hazy, orange-reddish celestial backdrop. Since it resembles the style of artwork from his acclaimed mixtape, “Acid Rap,” it had the likes of Vibe writer Jessica McKinney wondering if we’re due for “Chance 3,” the Chicagoland rapper’s next project.




For me, “SURF” was an eclectic and unique album, but nothing can top Chance’s 2013 mixtape, so if “Chance 3” is anything like “Acid Rap,” I’ll be a happy camper. For now, the only thing to do is wait … and listen to “Acid Rain,” for the umpteenth time.